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  1. Science, technology, and society

Knowledge and new social conditions created by scientific and technological developments; anthropology of science and technology; literary studies focusing on science and future; history of scientific and technological knowledge; technology-driven society.

  1. Machine and the post-human conditions

The decentralized state or aspect of human quality and being, and their society which is fostered by machine, robot, and artificial intelligence; the non-humancentric issues and approaches of ecology, Anthropocene, materiality, object, animal, and spirit.

  1. Education and learning technology

Teaching, learning, educational policy, curriculum design, especially in the contexts of digital and technology-driven society.

  1. Innovative, applied, and digital humanities

Technological advancements and applicable aspect of the studies of language, narrative, storytelling, literary form and style, history/historiography, communication, the medium/media platforms; humanistic informatics; the politics of and the policy for the humanistic innovations.

  1. The new capitalistic society

The creative aspect of thinking and cultural production, creative society, creative capitalism, network and sharing economy, information society, post-Fordism.

  1. Sensory, cognition, and aesthetics

Sensorial and cognitive aspects in the humanities and arts; cognitive process, affect studies; neuro- and biological approaches to aesthetics; feeling, emotion, and sense-making; politics of aesthetic and emotion.

  1. Human (im)mobility and infrastructure

All kinds of human and non-human movements through geocultural spaces and the infrastructure such as road, rail, river, and others; the inability to move or become mobile due to social and political constraints and social structure; the motifs of crossing, arriving, and departing.

  1. Physical and social threat and (in)security

Physical threats created from war, insurgency, crime, and violence; Other forms of threats and (in)security caused by shortages of food, water, natural resources, the effect of ecological change.

  1. The digital native/immigrant generations

Any issues related to the generations of digital native or digital immigrant, especially the conflicts or the problems the two group might have, and how they or society solves or copes with them.


***Apart from these subthemes, the conference also welcomes academic works belonging to the general fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences such as linguistics, language, literature, philosophy, geography, cultural studies, communication and etc.

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